Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buick Limited Limousine 1938

1938 Buick  Limited Limousine

 More than meets the Eye 

Look At it you are impressed with its size and majesty and grace of line. Sit in it – your appreciative eye finds it faultless in all its appointments. But to measure the merits of the Buick limousine you must drive it. For the most surprising thing about this arresting car is its brilliance of behavior. Faster on the take-off, lighter in all its handling, smooth with fluid ease exclusive to Buick alone, it is nimble as no car of its size has been before. Add that to its stunning style and to its luxurious roominess and you have the reason why you will fail to match its value elsewhere within thousand of its price.

1938 Price :The Buick shown was the limited Limousine delivering at Flint,Mich at $2453 complete with standard equipments Fenderwells extra.There were 3 limited models ranging from $2176 to $2453 and four Roadmaster models from $1645 to $1983 delivered complete at Flint.State and local Taxes and any transportation is extra.

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