Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1963 Pontiac Nine Passenger Limousine with body by Superior

1963 Pontiac Nine Passenger Limousine

1963 Pontiac Nine Passenger Limousine

The first car of its kind. Here is the only car that satisfies the need  for a luxury limousine in the medium price range.The chassis, superbly engineered by Pontiac Motor Division, rides smoothly and safely on the unique wide-track wheels.Inside , you'll find more space and convenience  and beauty than you would think possible.For here is the discriminating touch of one of the country,s leading coach makes.Craftsmen at Superior Coach Corporation have blended the thrilling flair of Bonneville styling with the elegance and richness of Superior-inspired design. No matter what the occasion, this limousine will carry nine adults in gracious comfort, with headroom and legroom to spare.

See and Drive the New Pontiac Nine Passenger Limousine with body by Superior 
It's Exceptionally well suited for Hotels and resorts
Livery Services
Funeral Homes
Rental for special occasions
Corporation Courtesy Car


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